Walk-in Panels: Coolers & Freezers

Commercial Walk-in Panels Specialists

OEM Solutions can provide you with 2 types of pre-fabricated walk-in panels.


Type 1 is foam tongue and groove cam lock panels.


Type 2 is foam tongue and groove non cam lock panels.


We only sell polyurethane insulation, which is a fire retardant and fire rated. We do not sell polystyrene as it is a fire hazard and is not allowed in non-sprinkler areas.


Our insulation (polyurethane) has an R factor of R8 per inch and readily comes in 3” and 4” thick panels.


Walk-in doors are available in 36” wide, clear openings and 54” wide clear openings for pallet use.


Each door that comes with our box orders have pre-wired light switches meeting CUL approval. Dial thermometers are also standard. For boxes with raised floors, we can provide an interior or exterior ramp, if required.

We also stock in Victoria, replacement doors and frames for both low temp and high temp applications. An optional mounting hardware kit is available if required consisting of 3/8” carriage bolts, washers and nuts.


These doors also come with CUL approval stickers on the frame.


For applications where you are installing a used box, we have in stock inside corner, outside corner and flat stock flashings.


With over 45 years experience in the walk-in cooler and freezer business, we would be happy to assist you in providing specifications and design with regards to your application and customers requirements.


OEM Solutions can also provide you with non-rust adjustable shelving for cooler and freezer applications.


At OEM Solutions, we can provide you with the right design and the best quality. If required, we will visit the job site with you during the planning stages to check measurements, provide the correct door location within the box and also the proper swing of the door to suit your customers situation. When on-site, we check for overhead obstructions (duct work etc.), closest drain location for evaporator condensate and whether or not we will need a raised pre-fab insulated floor or no floor.

At OEM Solutions, we make sure that all bases are covered to make sure your customer is satisfied.


If required, we have an installation crew with many years experience covered by WorkSafeBC and we also carry $5 million dollars worth of Liability Insurance.



Contact us for all of your needs – we will make sure it is done right.